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MRO Events

General & Logistical Information

Allison Gold,
Senior Events Manager
T: +1.646.233.4425

Allison is responsible for the operation, logistics and event management of the MRO Series globally. Allison works with attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to ensure a seamless flow of communication and implementation of new technologies.

Arabella Martin-Nunn,
Operations Manager
T: +44 (0)207 017 7119

Arabella is responsible for logistics and event management for the ap&m Europe exhibition as well as the Aero-Engines, MRO East Asia and MRO Australasia conferences. Arabella ensures the smooth delivery of these events, project managing all logistical aspects, and is the lead operations contact for the London based team.

Registration & Customer Service

Virginia Gongora,
Registration Manager
T: +1.800.722.6344
(outside the US +1 913.850.6809)

Virginia is the “go-to” person for any questions or challenges regarding your registration at any of our events. She oversees the financial and operations of all registrations and attends all of the global MRO events.

Anita Joyce Wright,
Associate Show Manager
T: +1.646.392.7864

Anita is the liaison between the sales team and exhibitors/sponsors. Anita supports all sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to ensure they have a positive and seamless experience at all our events. She also helps supports Virginia Gongora on the registration side.

Sponsorship & Exhibit Opportunities

All Americas/Canada

Beth Eddy,
Director, Exhibit Sales
T: +1.561.279.4646

Beth manages the exhibit, sponsorship, added value and marketing services sales of the global MRO event series, ap&m Europe and the Aviation Week Network Conferences with a territory focusing on the Americas and Canada.

Alyssa Bernkrant
Manager, Exhibit Sales
T: +1.561.279.4646

Alyssa works across the MRO Portfolio focusing on exhibit sales, sponsorships, value added and marketing services for the global MRO event series. 

Mimi Smith,
Manager, Exhibit Sales
T: +1.561.279.4646

Mimi works with Beth Eddy and primarily focuses on the exhibit, sponsorship, and added value sales of the global MRO event series.


Clive Richardson
Director, Exhibit Sales
T: +44 (0) 7501 185257

Clive manages the exhibit, sponsorship and added value of the global MRO events series with a territory focusing on all of Asia-Pacific.

Margaret Chong
Manager, Exhibit Sales
T: +65.9736.1722

Margaret works with Clive, assisting in the sales of the MRO events especially in Singapore.

Alison Weller
Manager, Exhibit Sales
T: +44 (0) 7501 185255

Alison works with Clive, assisting in the sales of the MRO events focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.

Europe/Russia/CIS/Africa/Middle East

Mike Elmes
Director, Exhibit Sales
T: +44.1206.321639

Mike manages the exhibit, sponsorship, added value and marketing services sales of the global MRO series in Europe, Middle East, Russia/CIS and Africa.

ap&m Europe and Aviation Week Network Conferences

Victoria Keeble
Business Development Manager
T: +

Victoria manages the exhibit, sponsorship, and added value for the ap&m expo and our global Conferences.

Speaking Opportunities/Content

Hannah Bonnett
Senior Conference Producer
T: +

Hannah takes on primary responsibility for developing the editorial content of some of the international MRO events including MRO Europe, MRO BEER, MRO East Asia and MRO Middle East as well as supporting MRO Americas and MRO Asia.

Jacqueline Smith
Senior Conference Producer
T: +1.202.517.1090

Jacqui takes on primary responsibility for developing the editorial content for MRO Americas, MRO Asia-Pacific, MRO Latin America, and Urban Air Mobility Americas, as well as supporting MRO Europe. She works with advisory boards and key stakeholders from across the aviation industry to ensure that conference agendas deliver the latest news, trends and developments in the MRO market.

Jessica Bradley
T: +44 07309744993
Junior Conference Producer

Jess takes on primary responsibility for developing editorial content for the AeroEngines Event series, Engine Leasing Trading and Finance and the Urban Air Mobility 2020 Virtual Event.

Sarah Zilonis
T: +1 202.517.1077
Associate Conference Producer

Sarah supports the event production team through speaker management and engagement, managing interactive event formats, and generating material for speaker interviews, stories, and insights to assist in event marketing efforts.


Jennifer Roberts
Marketing Director, Events
T: +1.646.395.3812

Jennifer is responsible for delivering and further developing the marketing strategy for the Aviation Week MRO events portfolio. She works to connect business priorities, objectives and key messages to content delivery and ensure a collaborative and cohesive presentation of offerings.

Mark Thomas
Senior Marketing Manager
T: +

Mark manages the marketing strategy for the Aviation Week Network events portfolio, including conferences and ap&m Europe. He also assists where necessary on the MRO series of events.

Kristina Nicos
Marketing Specialist, Events
T: +1.646.257.4830

Kristina is responsible for connecting with the Airline VIPs and our MRO Events series around the globe by ensuring we have enough “buyers” on the ground. She assists the Airline VIPs with onsite customer service at our events and on registration as well.

Matthew Simpson
Senior Marketing Executive
T: +

Matthew supports the marketing campaigns and strategy for Aviation Week Network events including conferences and ap&m Europe. He also analyses the effectiveness of campaigns and manages all media barters surrounding the MRO events series. 

Sergii Khalepa
Digital Marketing Specialist
T: +1 646.240 4148

Sergii supports the Aviation Week events team with the creation, implementation and analyzing of digital campaigns to drive attendance at our conferences and exhibitions  He will works closely with the campaign managers to ensure optimal positioning for all of our events via digital channels including social media.  Based in the NY office his responsibilities include digital account management, web management and analytics.

Don Giordano
Design Manager, Events
T: +1.347.409.0786

Don manages the creative design and production requirements for the event team’s marketing materials. He covers inception to completion of printed and digital marketing materials including but not limited to brochures, program books, ads, digital banners, motion graphic videos, on-site signage and post show reports.

Marketing Partnerships

Erving Dockery
Tradeshow Manager
T: +1.818.237.5879

Erving manages Aviation Week’s external tradeshow presence, along with Aviation Week’s wholly owned events across the global aviation, aerospace and defense industries. His primary responsibilities include tradeshow logistics and is also involved with Aviation Week’s Show News product distribution and association partnerships.


Elizabeth Kelley-Grace

Press releases: Send all press releases
and photos to [email protected]

Other Inquiries

Lydia Janow
Managing Director, Events & Tradeshows
T: +1.646.257.4553

Lydia has been with the Aviation Week Network for over 25 years, establishing the MRO events series into a global operation. She oversees and manages all aspects of the Events Department including both the US and London based teams.

Juliet Trew
Business Development Director, Events
T: +

Juliet is responsible for international business development for Aviation Week Network’s global event portfolio, focusing on expanding our footprint into new locations and markets. She also leads the London based Aviation Week Network events team overseeing the delivery of Aero-Engines, Airline E&M and ap&m.

A&D Events and SpeedNews Conferences

General Information

Joanna Speed
Managing Director, A&D and SpeedNews Conferences
T: +1.424.465.6501
E: [email protected]

Joanna leads SpeedNews Conferences and the A&D Events portfolio for Aviation Week. As Managing Director, Aerospace & Defense Events, she oversees an expanded portfolio of influential forecasting and intelligence forums for SpeedNews and Aviation Week. Joanna works closely with the event management team, and directs P&L operations, logistics, business development, and growth opportunities in the market, for the entire A&D event portfolio. She also manages collaboration across multiple groups including sales, editorial, marketing, and production.


Edwin Ohanessian
Senior Events Manager, A&D and SpeedNews Conferences

Ed supports the management of the events and marketing initiatives for SpeedNews Conferences and the Aerospace & Defense portfolio of events. He is responsible for boosting brand awareness of existing audience and new target markets through direct and online marketing initiatives, while assisting with the event management and operations for the entire portfolio.

General & Logistical Information

Danny Lara
Operations Manager
T: +1.424.465.6503

Danny is responsible for the coordination and production materials of all the moving parts for SpeedNews Conferences and the A&D portfolio of events. He also provides logistic support prior to each event, and onsite support as well.

Zeny Achurra
Event Data Coordinator

Zeny is A&D’s “go-to” person for anything data and reporting related. One of her primary responsibilities is to ensure and verify that A&D’s intricate lead generation systems and databases are extremely accurate and up-to-date, which has allowed the A&D business unit to run much more efficiently. In addition, she works closely with Events to ensure that data is properly sorted and organized before and after each event, which has allowed company events to run more efficiently and cost-effectively. When Zeny isn’t crunching data, she puts on her admin support role hat during each A&D event, helping with a wide array of important functions pertaining to event registration, shipping, and logistics.