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It’ll take just only an hour of your time, but what you learn at Honeywell’s Performance Accelerator Webinar could very well change the way you work with data forever – for the better.

As more and more companies are proving for themselves, Honeywell’s Performance Accelerator saves time and money, cuts frustration, and delivers precise information capable of improving performance and boosting profits.

What exactly will the Performance Accelerator do for your business?

That’s what the webinar will help you determine. Topics scheduled for discussion include the difference the Performance Accelerator will make in these areas:

  • Saving time with Service Bulletins that make a difference
  • Improving fuel efficiencies across your fleet
  • Keeping your aircraft mandate compliant
  • Identifying safety upgrades that add value

And, of course, the Honeywell Performance Accelerator Webinar will allow plenty of time to address the real-world questions and concerns of your business.

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Enterprise Operational Intelligence (Enterprise OI) offers customers a number of ways to deliver visual insight, for understanding enterprise performance and enable better decision-making. Enterprise OI enables a full 360 degree, enterprise-wide, top down perspective of processes and performance aligned with the business strategy and connects that business strategy to its operational implementation and back again.

Key Topic Areas:

  • What is EOI (Enterprise Operational Intelligence)
  • Key software differentiators
  • IFS Case Studies - Using EOI for MRO (Civil and Defense) and Manufacturing

81% of today’s airline passengers are carrying a smart phone, which is becoming an increasingly common denominator in all stages of the air travel journey. In fact, for passengers with carry-on bags only, everything in the entire process—from booking to checking in to dwelling in the airport to boarding the flight to on-board entertainment—can be done with a smart phone. The smart phone can enable airlines and airports to provide end-to-end service to passengers. There is a huge opportunity for airlines to utilize smart phones as the glue across the air travel journey.

In its 10th annual Passenger IT Trends Survey, SITA explored why passengers are not using airline smart phone services at as high a level as might be expected. SITA found that there are human factors in technology adoption that cannot be ignored if airlines and airports are to succeed in engaging effectively with the connected traveler. In this ATW/SITA webinar, experts will discuss how airlines and airports can better understand passengers’ emotions and tailor technology to make air travelers happier.


  • Nigel Pickford - Director, Marketing Operations and Market Insight
  • Pu Faltings Pearl - Head of Group - Human Computer Interaction Group at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Renaud Irminger - Director of SITA Lab

Three leaders of Aviation Week's 2015 Workforce Study will review key data of interest to employees -- jobs, pay, which companies are doing a great job of meeting employee needs-and then provide insight into what organizations and individuals can do to prepare for the aerospace and defense industry of the future.


  • Jim Adams: VP, PwC's Strategy&
  • Clarke Havener: Global A&D Leader, Korn Ferry
  • Carole Rickard Hedden: Executive Editorial Director, Aviation Week Executive Intelligence

In this webinar, we will discuss the various challenges associated with Maintenance Execution and the pressures to increase the bottom line, while at the same time managing the various factors affecting our day-to-day operations. Key elements of this webinar will include:

  • Changing Customer Contractual Terms
  • Commercial Quoting and Invoicing
  • Integration with OEM Data
  • Managing Warranty
  • Managing Capacity
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Cost Control
  • Productive Use of Mobile Solutions

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  • Gerry Croarkin - Head of Product - Rusada
  • Chandra Sekhar - Pre-Sales Consultant - Rusada


  • Scott Leslie - Marketing Manager - Rusada

Hosted by Industry Week and Aviation Week Network

Sponsored by Dassault Systemes

Are you interested in better flight optimization? Do you want to learn how weather data can be used to save fuel? This webinar will entail a discussion covering optimizing fuel usage, weather data and a connected Flight Management System.

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  • Kiah Erlich - Senior Manager, Flight Support Services, Honeywell Aerospace Services
  • Jason Wissink - Air Transport and Regional Technical Sales, Honeywell Aerospace Services
  • Don Moldenhauer - Senior Specialist, Product Marketing, Honeywell Aerospace Services
  • Steve Cirino - Program Pilot, Air Transport, Flight Technical Services, Honeywell Aerospace Services

The size and geographic makeup of the global aerospace industry is expected to change significantly as it continues to grow. The complexities within the industry’s supply chain are ever increasing and the expectations of the decision makers in terms of innovation, risk mitigation and cost management are very high.

FedEx, as a key player in the industry, has unique perspectives both as an airline and as a solutions provider to its global customer base. During this webinar, you will learn from industry experts from FedEx on:

  • Key trends in the Aerospace Industry
  • Insights into risk mitigation
  • Approaches to managing complexities within the supply chain

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  • Frank Newman - Director, Worldwide Sales - FedEx Aerospace Solutions, FedEx Solutions
  • Janice Prezzato - Director, Customer Experience/Marketing, FedEx Trade Networks
  • Rakesh Puri - Manager, Strategic Market Analysis, FedEx Services
  • Chris Swearingen - Manager, Global Supply Chain Solutions and Market Development, FedEx Services

Predicting Aircraft Composite Component Distortion During Curing

Aircraft composite components are susceptible to distortion during manufacture and processing. This can result in problems during assembly that cause increased cost, time to completion and have implications for the in-service behavior of the product.

In this webinar we will share recent work being undertaken to develop a cure simulation tool that allows for the prediction of process induced distortions in composite components and is fully integrated with industry design tools.

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  • Tomasz Garstka - Technical Director, LMAT, Ltd.
  • Robert Harwood - Global Industry Director, ANSYS, Inc.