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Program Excellence: Reinventing Systems to Accelerate Design/Development Cycles and Success
Webinar: Wednesday, November 14, 2012
2:00 – 3:00 pm ET

Program Excellence: Reinventing Systems to Accelerate Design/Development Cycles and Success

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Of all the issues that stymies integration of large-scale design programs, the most significant is the integration between disparate tool sets, data streams, and languages used to move information. In this session, automotive and aerospace leaders will look at why this area is so ripe for improvement, and perhaps one of the primary paths toward accelerating design, integration, and production.

In this webcast you will:

  • Learn about the issues and trends surrounding integration between sub-systems and how we build them
  • Hear ideas about how to resolve the integration dilemma
  • Look at the results one approach may be able to deliver as the change is made

Who will benefit from this webinar?
Program Managers, Project Leaders, and Engineering Leads from both Industry and DoD.


Barclay Brown, Global Solutions Exec-Systems Engineering, IBM

Barclay Brown is the Global Solution Executive for Systems Engineering for IBM Rational. A former chief engineer for IBM Global Business Services, he was the lead systems engineer for some of IBM’s largest development projects. He is the designer of the model-driven system development course and co-author of the book Model-Driven Systems Engineering with Rational Tools. Mr. Brown holds a BS degree in electrical engineering with graduate degrees in psychology and business and continued graduate work in systems engineering. He is a certified Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) and an Assistant Sector Director for INCOSE, and an adjunct professor of systems engineering at the University of Central Florida.

Ronald Bonn Valles, Manager - Virtual Solutions Development, Raytheon Missile Systems

Ronald Valles has over 29 years of experience in the aerospace industry at both Hughes Aircraft Co. and Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ. Ronald's expertise has been in the areas of Computer Science and Systems Architecture.

Since coming to Hughes/Raytheon, Ronald has lead strategic Software Development and Deployment initiatives across the product domain with special emphasis on the exposure and execution of new innovative technologies.

Ronald was one of the developers of the Virtual Solutions Development™ (VSD™) Protocol focusing on Front End of The Business opportunities for Raytheon in the DAPRA, DOD and emerging technologies areas.
Ronald currently serves as the Manager of the Virtual Solutions Development ™ (VSD™) team at Raytheon Missile Systems.

Ronald has a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Arizona


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