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Aviation Week Events: Sponsorship

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As the acknowledged leader for the aviation/aerospace industry, AVIATION WEEK, a division of Penton, is proud to produce a series of global events to explore critical issues with this industry.

When your company sponsors an Aviation Week Event, you immediately raise your profile among the influential class of aviation, aerospace, government and military executives.

Each year, over 20,000 senior government, military and industry decision-makers attend AVIATION WEEK's Events to gain strategic business insights and to network with their peers, as well as with the leading business, government and academic authorities who speak.

High-visibility sponsorship is a unique opportunity to open the doors at the very highest levels of purchasing influence and authority. No other marketing medium offers you such targeting, control, efficiency and measurability with your best prospects and customers in a professional and intimate atmosphere designed for doing business.

Each Aviation Week Event is open to a limited number of select sponsors.


For Aerospace & Defense Conferences including CAM (SpeedNews Aerospace Manufacturing Conference) A&D Programs, DT&R please contact:

Joanna Speed
+ 1 (424) 465 6501

For all MRO events (And Brazing Symposium):

Beth Eddy & Mimi Smith
+1.561.279.4646 or +1.800.240.7645
betheddy@aviationexhibits.com or mimismith@aviationexhibits.com

Michael Elmes
Phone: +44 1255 871070