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Aviation Week's Program Excellence was created in response to repeated concerns about the complexity and difficulty associated with managing and leading the aerospace and defense programs that make up the industry's work.

An integral part of the A&D Programs conference, Program Excellence finalists provide first-hand insight into best practices, benchmarking and what it took to make their programs a success. Hear about the choices they made and the tradeoffs they faced.

  • Improve the performance of your program
  • Create tools to improve program leadership
  • Increase the velocity of developing future program leaders
  • Identify and recognize best practices

Submit Your Nominations for the Program Excellence Awards

Aviation Week Program Excellence Awards identify programs and projects from across the global aerospace and defense enterprise that excel in how they work, day to day, to achieve technical and business objectives.

Aviation Week invites you to submit your nominations today! Evaluation is based on program/project performance from January 2012 through January 2015. Space, commercial, defense and security programs and projects are eligible and will be evaluated on the basis of excellence in value creation, operations excellence, adaption to complexity and achieving the goals established.

Entries will be judged by a panel of program management experts representing government agencies, academia and industry.

Deadline for Nominations: February 15, 2015

To nominate a program, send the following information to Carole.Hedden@Aviationweek.com

  • Name of Program
  • Program Leader(s) Name
  • Program Leader(s) Title
  • Program Leader(s) Email
  • Program Leader(s) Telephone Number

To review criteria for Phase I and Phase II please review the information below:


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