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Proven Tactics on Bird Strike Risk Mitigation

Wildlife strikes are costly to airlines as well as posing a safety hazard to aircraft and flight operations. Nationally, bird strikes have resulted in more than 550,000 hours of aircraft down time and costs civil and military aviation more than $625 million every year from engine and/or aircraft damages and flight delays and cancellations.

More importantly, with approximately 50 % of bird strikes damaging the engine(s), aircraft crew members and their passengers’ lives are put at high risk. Over 219 people have been killed worldwide as a result of wildlife strikes since 1988. The recent bird strike mishap of US Airways flight 1549 has re-focused the aviation industry in working to reduce bird strike related risks.

Aviation Week’s Bird Strike Prevention Forum will bring together executives from leading aviation operations, such as airlines and airports, and industry experts to share best practices on minimizing bird strikes, including:

  • Policies/standards for airports and aircraft operations related to wildlife hazards
  • Bird habitat management and control techniques
  • New technologies and advancements to reduce wildlife hazards
  • Wildlife strike reporting/statistics in relation to safety management systems
  • Aircraft engines/components performance and standards related to wildlife hazards

Join your peers for two days of networking, relationship building and insights from foremost operators, manufacturers and industry leaders to share real-world strategies on minimizing risks of bird strikes and improving safety.

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advisory board
  • Allen Newman, Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Electrical Engineering
  • Eugene LeBoeuf, Chief, US Air Force BASH Team
  • John Ostrom, Chairman, Bird Strike Committee USA
  • Matthew Klope, Wildlife Biologist, Navy BASH (Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard) Program
  • Professor Ed Herricks, The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign
  • Ryan King, Program Manager for Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Research, FAA Airport Technology R&D Team
  • Ed Hazelwood
  • Fran Fiorino, Sr. Safety Editor, Aviation Week
  • Bob Weatherly, SVP Flight Operations, Virgin America
  • JP Dagon, Director Corporate Safety, AirTran Air
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Editorial Producer, Management Forums
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