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Aerospace & Defense Programs

Aviation Week’s A&D Programs
November 19-20, 2014
Litchfield Park, AZ



Aerospace & Defense Programs Accolades

“The Aviation Week A&D Programs Conference continues to be a must-attend event for program and supply chain leaders and other decision makers in the industry.”

- Tom Klementowski, Space & Defense Group Supply Chain Manager, Moog, Inc

“A diverse collection of industry leaders comes together to share best practices and lessons learned, all with the intent of improving program management and understanding each other's issues in a non-threatening environment.”

- Bart LaGrone, VP E-2/C2, Northrop Grumman

“Aerospace leadership, recognition of excellence, sharing challenges and opportunities and insights we can use -- excellent leadership for our community and nation by the BEST, Aviation Week!”

- Lewis Peach, NASA

“An opportunity to listen to what others in A&D are learning and doing to tackle common A&D industry issues.”

- Jack Clancy, Supplier Program Manager, Boeing

“As a government acquisition professional, the Aviation Week A&D Conference is a premier venue for learning in a very short period of time about the concerns and perspectives of our defense industry partners.”

- Mark Husband, Professor of Systems Engineering and Cost, DAU

“As a strategist for my business unit, I gain valuable insights into the thinking, concerns, and aspirations of the leaders in the aerospace industry that comprise our customers, team mates, and suppliers. I don’t know how I could get more valuable, actionable business intelligence in two days.”

- Robert Freedman, VP Strategy, Ball Aerospace

“Aviation Week and the entire team always, always put on the very best and most productive event of the year! Great schedule, great panels, relevant and timely… best event in the A&D community every year!”

- General Charles "Chuck" Wald , Director Federal, Deloitte

“Aviation Week offers diverse topics and speakers. Exposure to industry from diverse perspectives.”

- Juliette Haggh, Six Siigma Master; Affordability Champion, Raytheon Missile Systems

“Brings leaders together from a cross the industry to engage in critical issue discussions and to celebrate successes.”

- Linda Weiss, VP Talent Acquisition, BAE Systems

“Brought together in one location numerous topics into a two-day event. Very well organized and excellent job!”

- Michael Seck, Program Manager, Special Programs, Boeing

“Excellent consolidation of top prime, Tier 1 and other industry and government leaders who are thinking and communicating their best guess of the A&D horizon.”

- John Burke, VP/PM Light Utility Helicopters, EADS N.A.

“Excellent event, thought-provoking discussions with superior networking opportunities.”

- David Riemer, VP A&D Strategy, Siemens

“Excellent information. Well attended by senior leaders in the aerospace industry. Well organized.”

- Leo Loiacono, Senior Director Program Management, Valcor Engineering Corp

“Faced with unprecedented budget challenges and uncertainties in our customer's current environment, it was of great benefit to hear the insights and perspectives of other industry subject matter experts and leaders.”

- Bill Gundrey, Program Manager, Raytheon

“Great opportunity to learn what leaders within the industry are thinking and how they are being successful.”

- John Kesser, Director Automatic Test Systems, BAE Systems

“The active participation really helped me to get tremendous value from this year's Conference.  Once again, you did a great job pulling this all together.  I look forward to next year's conference.”

- Tom Klementowski, Space & Defense Group Supply Chain Manager, Moog, Inc

“I am glad that I attended this event; it is a great networking event with key A&D movers and shakers.”

- Amit Sen, Program Manager, NASA JPL

“I collected many insights that are relevant and useful to my business today. I was pleased that session presenters had opposing views and positions on several topics; this added to the credibility of the conference.”

- John Doran, VP Performance Excellence, BAE Systems Electronic Systems

“I found the conference to be well worthwhile to attend both from the content discussed and the networking value.”

- Scott Collinge, VP Program Management, Honeywell

“Relevant, timely and actionable information… the participants were a list of 'who's who' in the aerospace and defense industry, I wouldn't miss it! (Elliott Converse) was best history talk I've heard in some time.”

- John Bird, Director USAF Programs, ATK

“The A&D Programs event is the key meeting for industry leader. Caliber of people is outstanding.”

- Jim Stameson, CEO, Plasma Ruggedized

“The Aviation Week A&D Programs in 2012 at Phoenix covered the most significant issues that both industry and the government face now and in the future.”

- J. David Patterson, Executive Director, National Defense Business Institute

“The Aviation Week conference is always the highlight of my year!”

- Mike Hackerson, Managing Director, PwC

“The collection of A&D attendees is outstanding. The topics are spot on and the speakers are excellent. I enjoyed the roundtable discussions the most.”

- Tim Owensby, Senior Manager Supply Chain, Raytheon

“The content of this conference could not have been crafted better to reflect where industry is today and how the political environment is relevant.”

- Marisa Connell, Program Integration Manager, Northrop Grumman

“The speakers, topics and attendees were all relevant and timely to issues we are facing in A&D. That's what made this one of the most relevant and effective events that I've attended.”

- Bob Watts, Senior Director Enterprise Procurement, Raytheon

“The wide and varied subjects, speakers and backgrounds all under one roof provides an industry venue made for collaboration and learning. A great industry fraternity!”

- Ed Apollo, V-22 Sustainment PM, Bell-Boeing

“This event captures and discusses a broad array of topics of interest to the aerospace community.”

- Anonymous

“This forum provides insider perspective on key processes, topics, issues and lessons learned.”

- Bill Gostic, VP Advanced Programs & Technology, Pratt & Whitney

“This is a top level programs and supply chain event where we hear stories/status from the people who are actually living it every day.”

- Frank Colantuono, Industry Principal, SAP Americas

“This is an outstanding conference for aerospace professionals who can share ideas to improve program management, affordability and performance.”

- John Tylko, VP, Aurora Flight Sciences

“Unique insight to opinions and thoughts from industry leaders.”

- Peter Boxman, Director Programs, BARCO

"This is consistently one of the best run and most valuable conferences that I attend. I will definitely continue to attend in future years."

- Tom Klementowski, Supply Chain Manager, Moog Space & Defense

"Very productive event. Right mixture of formality and casualness in order to foster interaction and relationship development."

- Kendall Pond, VP Business Development, Dassault Systèmes

"Better understanding initiatives, lessons learned, best practices re-alignment of my company's actions: Priceless!"

- Tom Iervolino, VP Product & Business Development, Valcor Engineering Corporation

"Aviation Week's A&D Programs conference provides an excellent forum for engaging discussions with industry leaders and key government officials."

- John Tylko, VP, Aurora Flight Sciences

"The sharing of best practices really spurs ideas for improvement in my organization."

- Scott Ames, Head of New Product Innovation, Rolls Royce

"Gaining valuable and useful insight on what is important to these companies and individuals regarding their supply chain issues helps us to better position ourselves and improve our processes as a supply chain solutions organization and provider."

- Tripp Biggers, Area Manager, Inventory Locator Service

"Best single event to learn about why and how programs succeed."

- Nick Yorio, Corporate Director of Programs, Northrop Grumman

"Aviation Week's A&D Programs conference is the most timely and informative executive meeting I attend during the year."

- James Stameson, CEO, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

"Great networking! High caliber attendees!"

- Lyn Jacobson, Account Manager, Oracle

"A macro view is needed and this program provides it. The tone of "customer service" and collaboration is clearly our future."

- Scott Stover, VP Business Development, Hisco, Inc

"Key members and stakeholders are in attendance. That allows great networking and information sharing."

- Gary Keymont, VP Programs, DRS

"Great opportunity to gain first-hand information from key decision makers in the industry. Networking sessions offered personal access that might not otherwise be available."

- Ron Stacey, Managing Director, McLean Group LLC

"Great opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry and how they are dealing with current challenges."

- Greg Heesacker, Director of Boeing Military Aircraft Program Management, Boeing

"This was definitely one of the better conferences I attended this year. The sessions and speakers were top notch. The agenda was full but allowed plenty of networking time."

- Katherine Kawamoto, VP Research & Advisory Services, IACCM

"This event is unique because "of the balance of speakers and actual work through roundtables and small group interactions."

- Vivek Kamath, VP Supply Chain, Raytheon

"Good coverage of topics critical to effective program management; very good speakers with real program examples/case studies."

- Stan Hancock, Senior Manager, Boeing

"Candid discussion, wealth of practical experience from the speakers."

- Debbie Egber, Sector Director, Program Manager Homeroom, Northrop Grumman

"Real stories - the been there-done that knowledge; with data and results."

- Dave Howells, Director A&D, CSC

"Allows (program managers) to get out of day/day firefighting mode and evaluate if the program is doing the right things."

- Todd Mather, Program Manager, Boeing

"This is an excellent forum and format. I like the mix of briefing with Q&A with the industry experts. It has also been an excellent forum to compare how other industry/companies deal with similar problems and common processes."

- Rosemary J. Farrell, Senior Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

"A rare opportunity to share with and hear from the industry's top executive leaders in program management."

- David S. Guzinsky, CEO, Strategic Business Solutions Inc.