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May 8-9, 2012
The Renaissance Charlotte Suites
Charlotte, NC

Competing Through Advanced Technologies, Capabilities

Civil aviation manufacturing is a significant contributor to the GDP and is greatly expanding despite the U.S. and global recession. Growth in global markets is creating a world reliance on success, and a lapse in productivity or ability to deliver could hurt markets at a highly vulnerable time.

Aviation Week’s Civil Aviation Manufacturing Conference will provide a unique platform to bring together the leaders of major manufacturers and suppliers to discuss manufacturing capabilities — examining, evaluating, and where possible, putting common solutions and best practices into place.

  • Provide data-analytic products that provide necessary/high-need intel
  • Develop tools and techniques to advance productivity at every tier of the value chain
  • Benchmark/Report Card – How the Primes are Performing
  • Learn about emerging manufacturing capabilities
  • Implement best practices to achieve production integration

The Civil Aviation Manufacturing Conference is expected to attract 200 senior executives from major manufacturing, supply chain and logistics companies. It will include manufacturing and mechanical engineers, integrated product team leads, operations and manufacturing executives, and those who are responsible for building civil aviation vehicles, including airliners and helicopters. Speakers will provide insight and expertise to further the industry and also create opportunities for continued engagement throughout the community.

Showcase and special features

The Showcase offers the unique opportunity to network with leading civil aviation manufacturing suppliers.  Get hands on with products and services that will enable increased productivity of civil aviation manufacturers. Learn about software and hardware technologies, design/manufacturing consulting services, contract design/manufacturing, logistics, machinery, tooling, testing, labor services, advanced materials, site location/economic development, etc.

As part of this new event, Aviation Week will introduce the Materiel Resource Index.

The Civil Aviation Manufacturing Conference also will provide virtual tours and information on Greenfield manufacturing in the United States, providing insight into new techniques and methods.