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April 12-13, 2011
Miami Beach Convention Center
Miami, FL

The Challenges of Warfighter Readiness in a Nation at War and in a Distressed Economy

 All segments of the sustainment enterprise – government and industry-owned alike – are being called upon to deliver savings that will provide for new and repaired equipment.  The environment of this battle is constantly morphing and changing, is not durable in terms of longevity, and is totally unpredictable.  How will military and industry “step up” to ensure readiness while working within significant cost constraints?
Aviation Week takes military maintenance and sustainment to the next level with this year’s focus on warfighter readiness.  Join us as we try to blend the requirements of a distressed economy with a nation at war.

This conference will deliver: 

    • Demand for reset/modifications/support
    • How to best address cost and conflicting requirements in terms of paying for people, for new and needed technologies, and for what is needed to maintain the fight.
    • New jobs that are eating into the long-term budget while retrenching an industry in antiquated practices
    • How smaller suppliers are developing opportunities outside the standard flow of business as OEMs battle for the large, integrated and holistic approach
    • A clear definition of «readiness»,  straight from the warfighter
    • An understanding about govt customer priorities with regard to buying what is needed
    • Articulation of what the top issues are in providing a cost effective and highly efficient sustainment structure to the warfighter

    Featured Speakers

    General Donald Hoffman, Commander, US Air Force Materiel Command

    John Johns, Dep Asst Sec Def Maintenance


    Under Sec Def Ash Carter sets the stage for the 2011 MRO Conference. Read more…

    “This (combination of economic and fiscal distress and a nation at war), combined with a determination to take care of our service members and avoid major changes in force structure, has led the Secretary and Dep Sec to launch an efficiencies initiative … The initiative requires the (Defense) Department to reduce funding devoted to unneeded or low-priority overhead, and to transfer these funds to force structure and modernization so that funding for these warfighting capabilities grows at approximately 3% annually. This is the rate of growth needed historically to continue to give the troops what they need.”

    Currently almost half the Defense Dept.’s $700 billion annual budget goes toward salaries and benefits of military personnel and civilian employees, the buildings and facilities where they work. The remainder, $400 billion, is spent on products and services.


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    A word from our attendees

    Access to DoD and industry leaders is outstanding. Opportunity to understand pending government policy changes; current shared industry struggles; and best focus for future opportunities makes this the best aviation conference out there.

    —Trevor Palmeri, Director- Business Development,  BAE Systems

    These types of venues are vital to us as subcontractors. We can meet with a dozen or more customers with just one trip.

    —Thomas O’Brien, Military Sales Manager, WGI Inc.

    Decision makers are at THIS show.

    —Dane Hoover, GM, TSI Aerospace

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