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DTAR 2010

February 16-17, 2011
Hilton Embassy Row
Washington, DC

Affordably Building Capabilities that Address Future Threats

Thank you for your interest in the A&D Defense Technology & Requirements Conference.

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A&D Technology & Requirements in the news:

  • A&D Technology and Requirements Media Report

  • Video clip of Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations

  • House scraps FY11 funding for F-35 engine
    "This isn't a philosophical matter," the Pentagon's chief weapons buyer told a conference hosted by Aviation Week on Wednesday. "It's a cold analytical judgment that the large ... cost of preparing a second engine for completion will not in any way, that we can demonstrate, be paid over the long term."

  •  Carter on Mergers: We’re Watching
    Ashton Carter, the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer today emphasized that the DoD will not condone defense industry mergers done for the sake of short term profit over the long term health of the defense industrial base; warning that the Pentagon will keep a close watch on future mergers and acquisitions to ensure they result in long-term good.

    Free “market forces will undoubtedly lead to an uptick in the volume of [mergers and acquisitions] and this is normal,” said Carter during a speech at an Aviation Week-sponsored conference in Washington. “For our part, the Defense Department welcomes these adjustments and the need to create overall efficiency. But we require transparency when it comes to all contemplated transactions; we will examine these transactions to ensure the department’s long term interests in a robust and competitive industrial base are not dominated in the near term for one time proposed savings. The potential for organizational conflicts of interests should be avoided and that we have full visibility of the restructuring costs.” 

  • Defense comptroller: Military wants ‘80 to 100’ new bombers
    The Defense Department could purchase up to 100 models of a new bomber aircraft, Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale revealed on Wednesday.

    “We want to buy 80 to 100 new bombers,” Hale said, “not just 20.”

    That means the Air Force and industry “will have to keep costs down,” the comptroller said during a conference in Washington sponsored by Aviation Week magazine.

    Senior DoD and Air Force officials say cost will be a top consideration this time, in contrast to recent unsuccessful attempts to develop and buy a new bomber. Officials say holding down the price will push the Air Force toward using more already available technologies. 

  • USAF Could Award KC-X Contract by End of Feb.
    The U.S. Air Force will award the contract for the long-running KC-X tanker contract before the end of the month, two senior defense officials said.

    "We'll roll-off the KC-X, hopefully, at the end of this month," said Maj. Gen. David Scott, U.S. Air Force director of operational capability requirements at an aerospace and defense conference hosted by Aviation Week on Feb. 16. Less than 20 minutes later at the same conference, Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale echoed Scott's words.

    "We're asking for $900 million for the KC-X tanker, hopefully to make an award within the month," Hale said.

  • Science Chief Charts Future Technologies

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