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Technical and Financial Management of Rotable and Engine Assets

AeroStrategy estimates that total current airline inventory is valued at around $45B, and about 15-17% of total inventory as “excess”.  That means about $7B worth of assets are not being utilized in an industry where the number one focus is cost and the bottom line.

Aviation Week’s Inventory & Engine Asset Management Forum is the only event of its kind to look at total asset management with a focus on rotable inventory and engines.

This Forum will deliver:

  • Insight into the growing trend towards Integrated Global Supply Chain Solutions (be it with airlines, MROs or OEMs) and educate the audience on:
    • judging current systems against new technology and methods
    • pooling/total holistic solution, how do you decide the value of each strategy
    • setting up these incredibly complex and holistic structures both financially & operationally
  • Methodologies for managing the aircraft asset as a whole different options for measuring appraisal/ depreciation
  • Financial strategies for evaluating current assets and acquisition of necessary assets and operational strategies for optimum asset availability  
  • Best in class system information
  • Case studies – highlighting success but also identifying the risks and challenges
  • Actionable strategies to take back to your organization

James Stewart, CEO of SR Technics invites you to an exclusive event on innovative Technical and Financial strategies for Rotable and Engine Assets. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see at SR Technics’ advanced maintenance facility.

Click here to watch the video


 Sessions and speakers will specifically address

    • Funding strategies - what drives this decision at an airline?
      Protecting the value of your aircraft asset - how can you have a pooling solution and keep asset value high?
    • Forecasting inventory - how do you optimize this process?  What new methodologies are being developed?
      Asset efficiency - how can you make your cash go further by keeping your asset in prime condition and thereby getting more from the asset?
      Cost / cash / risk - how do organizations ensure the right balance?
    • Asset appraisal - what is a fair market value? Who decides?  How?
      Technical rotable control – How is interchangeability and traceability managed?
      How to structure agreements to align the financial and technical conditions?
    • Asset appraisal – knowing the value of what you have.
    • Cost containment on assets
    • Funding for spares
    • Technologies for Efficient Asset Management - Do the reports show the information you

    Who should attend?

    Professionals in the  Airline, MRO Provider/Supplier, OEM, Finance industries

    Particular relevance will pertain to individuals responsible for:

    • Finance (CFO, VP Finance, Treasurer, etc.)
    • Asset Management
    • Technical Operations
    • Strategic Planning
    • Inventory Planning
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Materials
    • Supply Chain
    • Commodity Managers
    • Resource Planning
    • Procurement
    • Strategy or decision making on the financial and cost aspects of operations and supply chain

    As well as:

    • Aviation Financial companies/consultants
    • Technology Providers



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