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Aerospace & Defense Programs

Aerospace & Defense Programs
October 24-26, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Biltmore

Strategic Performance, Innovation and Sourcing

The finalists for the 2011 A&D Program Excellence Awards
have been announced!

Aviation Week’s A&D Programs -- Strategic Performance, Innovation and Sourcing will focus on government customers (defense, national security, space) -- from the initiation of development throughout delivery of product.

This is a critical environment for government contractors and customers. As economic pressure continues, budgets fall, and the call for industrial investment is increased, this is a critical time for both contractors and customers.  A&D Programs will bring together these professionals who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to interact and discuss common challenges and issues they face on a daily basis.

The conference will address:

  • Gauging supply chain health
  • DoD and NASA acquisition strategies going forward
  • Increasing A&D Systems Engineering capacity and capability
  • Ensuring performance for programs under pressure
  • Leaders Speak Out – Lessons Learned, Leading Complexity, Assuring the Future

Plus an in-depth look at

Case Studies

  • Achieving 10X Change in Affordability – Space and Defense Programs Focus on Meeting the Challenge
  • How do you measure/demonstrate superior subcontract management
  • How do you develop/execute shared services models in a program-centric environment

DoD strategy
NASA strategy
Program performance trends
OEM strategic sourcing leaders




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