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Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Conference

Munich, Germany
November 30- December 1, 2010

special events

MTU Aero Engines Faciltiy Tour

December 1, 2010
10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Registered* forum attendees will have the opportunity to see first-hand how the MTU Munich facility operates.  The tour will include four key components:

  • The MTU museum including full scale mock up of the Geared Turbo Fan and the original high speed low pressure turbine of the GTF demonstrator engine.
  • MTU’s biggest development test facility with – most likely – a V2500 being tested.
  • Final assembly of the GP7000 low pressure turbine as well as the turbine center frame of that engine.
  • Final assembly of the Eurofighter engine EJ200

*You must be registered for the Engine MRO Forum and you must complete a separate form that specifies you will participate in the tour.  Click here for additional information.