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Maximizing Continuous Process Improvement for the Return

As the commercial aviation market recovers, industry is taking a conservative approach to operations.  However, when the demand picks up, will companies be ready for the surge of work that comes through? Are You Ready? 

Join AVIATION WEEK and your peers for two days of thought leadership and best practices.  Roll-up your sleeves and delve into the latest and most innovative strategies to maximize Lean Six Sigma.

  • Optimize CPI to support operational change
  • Adapt value streams to meet turbulent customer demands
  • Increase accountability for company success
  • Know and implement appropriate performance assessment metrics

New in 2010

Interactive workshop dinner Practical Integration of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma to Achieve Breakthrough Business Performance

Pratt & Whitney DARO Facility Tour


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Mary Anne Cannnon

Mary Anne Cannon, Director, Quality and EH&S, Pratt &Whitney Commercial Engines and Global Services

Sneak preview at how Pratt & Whitney’s Dallas Airfoil Repair Operations facility uses the company’s operating system, Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE), to meet customer satisfaction with quality products and services.


Executives from:

  • MRO, Airline Maintenance, Aviation Service Centers Involved in:
    • Operations
    • Quality Control
    • Process Improvement
    • Maintenance
    • Engineering
    • Deployment
  • MRO Consultants
  • Lean & Six Sigma Consultants
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