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Protect Your Enterprise with Secure and Resilient Information Flow

Aviation Week’s  A&D Cybersecurity Forum will bring together executives from leading A&D companies, government agencies and security experts to share best strategies on minimizing cybersecurity risks with efficiencies in cost and operations. The Forum will consider changing dynamics of cyber-threats, transitioning from theoretical assessments to technical and practical sessions, focusing on:

  • Protection of essential data flow & intellectual property
  • Cyber threat identification, assessments and disruption prevention
  • Secure information sharing and access
  • Training and Awareness for human operability
  • Analysis and measurements of cybersecurity efficiencies
  • Global perspectives on vulnerabilities of international information enterprises

Join your peers for two days of networking, relationship building and insights from foremost operators and industry leaders to share real-world strategies on keeping your enterprise secure with resilient information flow in the most cost-efficient ways. 

Featured Speakers:

  • Lauri Almann, former Permanent Under Secretary, Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Senior Associate, Varul Vilgerts Smaliukas
  • Dale W. Meyerrose, VP & GM Cyber and Information Assurance, Harris Corporation
  • John Osterholz, VP Cyber Warfare and Cybersecurity, BAE Systems
  • Harry Raduege, Chairman, Deloitte Center for Cyber Innovation

About Aviation Week Management Forums

Aviation Week  Management Forums are designed to provide you with — not only the latest, best practices, innovations and tactical processes — but a highly interactive information exchange and networking event designed to allow both attendees and speakers to benchmark processes, exchange best practices and forge valuable new relationships that will last long after the forum itself has concluded.


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Listen!Supply chain integrity & trustworthy interoperability

A trustworthy cyber-infrastructure is a necessity for supply-chain integrity. Join General Dale Meyerrose, VP and GM of Cyber Initiatives, Harris Corporation, as he elaborates on critical interoperability concerns and solutions.

Listen!Evolution of cyber threats for A&D programs

Even the most-secure systems can be penetrated by today’s sophisticated hackers. Listen in as Harry Raduege, Chairman, Deloitte Center for Cyber Innovation, discusses solutions to today’s cyber threats!

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the Need for CyberSecurity

“Today, technology allows Americans to reach across the globe and communicate with family and friends, customers and colleagues, in distant locations. With this freedom, however, comes heightened responsibility. My Administration is committed to treating our digital infrastructure as a strategic national asset. Protecting this infrastructure is a national security priority, and in the process, we will ensure that these networks are comprehensive, trustworthy, and resilient. Together, we will create a more secure America, where technology can evolve in a protected and productive environment.”

President Barack Obama,
United States of America, 2009 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Proclamation

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