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Aviation Week Events: About Us

Aviation Week Events

Aviation Week’s event portfolio includes conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions, symposiums and roundtables produced by ATW, Aviation Week and SpeedNews. Our portfolio serves the global civil and military air transport community with the most reliable business, technical and operational news and analysis. We provide the industry with access to leading speakers, professional briefings, aviation forecasts and deliveries, and best practices. From engine and airframe manufacturers, to defense technology, to supply chains and maintenance services, count on our events for forward-looking aerospace and defense intelligence, knowledge, face-to-face communication, high-level content and relationship building.

Our events deliver sponsorship, branding and collaborative opportunities that position your organization as an industry leader, and enable you to reach decision makers and qualified buyers with purchasing power. Within our exhibition halls, solution providers are able to develop strategic partnerships and customer relationships with global industry professionals leading to sales being closed at an accelerated rate and increased exposure within the core communities at all times during the event lifecycle.

Meet the team

Beth Eddy
Director, Exhibit Sales
T: +1.561.862.0005
E: betheddy@aviationexhibits.com

Beth manages the exhibit sales of the MRO event series with a territory focusing on the Americas, Asia and Australia.

Mike Elmes
Managing Director, Aerospace Media
T: +44 1255 871070
E: mike.elmes@aerospacemedia.co.uk

Mike manages exhibit & sponsorship sales for the MRO event series in Europe, Middle East, Russia/CIS and Africa as well as advertising sales for Aviation Week's print and electronic/online media.

Erving Dockery
Tradeshow Manager
T:+1.212 904
M:+1.646 479 6997
E: erving_dockery@aviationweek.com

Erving manages Aviation Week's tradeshow presence, along with Aviation Week's wholly-owned events across the global aviation, aerospace and defense industries. His primary responsibilities include show logistics including Show News press office, product distribution, on-site visibility and association partnerships.  

Tatiana Febres-Cordero
Events Marketing Specialist
T: +1. 212.904.3195
E: tatiana_febres@aviationweek.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tatianafebres
Twitter: @avweekevents

Tatiana develops and executes event marketing campaigns that leverage our internal channels and products in addition to working closely with associations and other external partners to maximize our reach.  Tatiana is also an avid contributor to our social media presence and currently tweets via @avweekevents.

Allison Gold
Production Manager
T: +1.212.904.3315
E: allison_gold@aviationweek.com
Allison manages design and production projects as part of the Aviation Week marketing team. She works on event marketing design, as well as, onsite projects.

Ed Hazelwood
Editor-In-Chief, Conferences
T: +1 202.383.2358
E: ed_hazelwood@aviationweek.com
LinkedIn Connection: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ed-hazelwood/4/5a2/537

In additional to emceeing many of Aviation Week's global events, Ed works with both internal personnel and external advisory board members (including representatives from airlines, leasing companies, OEMs, suppliers, and more industry organizations) to determine the event topics and then organize the editorial presentations for the events.

Carole Rickard Hedden
Aviation Week Special Projects Editor
T: +1.505.239.9520
E: Carole_hedden@aviationweek.com

Carole is responsible for the development and engagement of Aviation Week's Executive Summit/Roundtable communities. She is also the editorial producer of MRO Military, Aviation Week and A&D Programs.

Lydia Janow
Director, Events & Tradeshows
T: +1 212.904.3225
E: ljanow@aviationweek.com
LinkedIn Connection: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lydiajanow

Lydia manages and oversees the logistics and business segments of Aviation Week's Events Department, which puts on more than 20 domestic and international events annually.

Helen S. Kang
Senior Conference Producer
E: helen_kang@aviationweek.com
Twitter: @AvWeekHelen

Helen is responsible for developing the editorial content for a broad portfolio of events, including international events, in niche-market segments of the civil and general aviation industry.

Jennifer Roberts
Marketing Services Director
Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jennifer-roberts/4/b94/b1b

Jennifer works across the events and Aviation Week product suite to ensure a collaborative and cohesive presentation of Aviation Week offerings. She directly markets the majority of the MRO events. Jennifer also develops and nurtures our strategic association partnerships and relations.

Mimi Smith
Manager, Exhibit Sales
T: +1 561.862.0005
E: mimismith@aviationexhibits.com

Mimi assists in the selling of MRO event series exhibits and focuses on the Americas, Asia and Australia.

Joanna Speed
Managing Director
Phone: +1.424.465.6501

Joanna leads SpeedNews Conferences and the A&D events portfolio for Aviation Week. As Managing Director, Aerospace & Defense Events, she oversees an expanded portfolio of influential forecasting and intelligence forums for SpeedNews and Aviation Week. Joanna works closely with the event management team, and directs P&L operations, logistics, and for the entire A&D event portfolio. She also manages collaboration across multiple groups including sales, editorial, marketing, and production.

Anita Joyce Wright
Customer Service Specialist
E: anitajoyce_wright@aviationweek.com
E2: customercare@aviationweek.com

Anita is the liaison between the sales team and exhibitors/sponsors. Anita manages all sponsor contracts and ensures that they have a positive and seamless experience. She also helps support the registration system.

Al Wyss
Assistant Director/Project Manager
T: +1.212.904.3047
E: awyss@aviationweek.com
Twitter: @awyss
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/alejandrowyss

Al is part of the event management team that directs operations and logistics for online and in person events across the commercial and A&D segments of the aerospace/aviation industry. He manages collaboration across multiple groups including sales, editorial, marketing, and production. He is also responsible for vendor management, site selection and scheduling and social media integration.